What are we doing this semester?

  • I'm Nat Tuck
  • This is "Robotic Science and Systems" CS5335 / CS4610
  • Video lectures: One take no edits
  • We're going to be exploring control programs for mobile robots.
  • What makes a mobile robot?
    • Sensors, Actuators, Control Program, Autonomous Behavior
    • Mobile robot: Some actuators move the robot
  • Primarily in simulation.
    • Simulation is a great idea in general.
    • But this semester it makes even more sense, since getting teams together to work with physical devices is harder.
  • What kind of mobile robots?
  • Traditional wheeled teaching robots.
  • Space Ships!

Course Resources

  • My site: https://ntuck-neu.site/
  • Course Site / Syllabus
  • Piazza
    • If you get stuck, you can ask questions here.
    • You shouldn't generally post code.
    • Not for direct messages to course staff: use email or possibly a Teams DM.
  • Teams
    • Use general chat.
  • Inkfish
  • Office Hours start next Monday.

Pandemic Adaptations

  • Course structure is flipped: Online video lectures are the lectures.
  • Each week has one set of video lectures, which should be watched before coming to in-person meetings.
  • In-person meetings are optional, and will consist of demos and Q&A.
  • The demos will frequently be the same for the two meetings in a week.
  • In-person meetings are streamed via Zoom - you can ask questions remotely using Zoom chat.
  • Office hours are online using Teams.

Attending in-person meetings:

  • Wear a mask
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Arrive on time; if you're more than a couple minutes late, you may not be allowed in.
  • Entering and leaving will take extra time to avoid mobs at the door
  • Expect setup to take a few minutes
  • Expect meetings to end early
    • Because we need to leave time to allow for setup/teardown
    • Because we're out of Q&A questions


  • Show Inkfish

Show Gazebo


Show KSP