How to Script a Rocket Launch

In order to write control programs for our KSP spacecraft, we'll be using the KOS mod and its built in scripting language KerboScript.

KerboScript was designed explicitly to look like an awful language from the 1970's. It's definitely inspired by COBOL and BASIC. But it helps illustrate a couple of useful points: all software is written with constraints, and that sometimes includes using a programming language (like KerboScript, or PHP, or Ada) which must have been designed just to troll you.

To learn KOS and KerboScript, you'll want to:

  • Keep in mind that KerboScript is a reasonably typical modern dynamic lanugae (like Lua, JavaScript, or Python) under the ugly syntax.
  • Do the Quick Start Tutorial
  • Skim the full docs. They aren't that long.