Week 8: Project Info

Project Intro

  • Review Project

Slam Overview

Sensor data:

  • Plan A: GPS
  • Plan B: Dead reckoning with encoders, accelerometer, compass
  • Combine with: Kalman Filer, Particle Filter
  • Better: Add ranger data: LIDAR, SONAR
  • Others: Camera

Problem: Registration - where are we on the map?

  • Particle filter helps here too.
  • Rotation error kills us.

KSP Project Ideas

  • Mining mission to Tylo
  • Land and take-off from Eve
  • Automatic same-parent body using search to find efficient single burn solutions that don't need to match inclination. (e.g. handle any of Kerbin to Moho, Mun to Minmus, Tylo to Bop, etc.)

Pure-Sim Project Ideas

Alternate motion?

  • Flying robot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLlLEw_hiNc&list=PLx0tK3DMiHk6vBj-pfe1_bEE-JgsR8-sl
  • Legged robot

What to do?

  • Solve maze with SLAM
  • Destructive pathfinding (e.g. knock over walls)

Physical Robot Project Ideas

Mapping and Navigation

  • Control program:
    • Bluetooth to a computer?
    • Tape a phone to the robot and connect with USB serial?
    • Fit the control program in the Arduino?
  • SLAM?

Simple Motion Control

  • Balancing + Climbing over Obstacles

Stuff to do with a cellphone

  • "Heel": Voice commands and camera to follow human.
  • QR Breadcrumbs:
    • Spin to find a QR code
    • Drive towards it to a fixed distance
    • Spin to find second QR code
    • Etc.
  • It's got a GPS, so outdoor waypoints.