13 - Wrap Up

Project Presentation Q&A

  • Last two classes are presentation Q&A
  • Schedule is posted on Piazza
  • Watch presentation before scheduled Q&A day; watch the demo if you want to see it to understand the project better

What we did this semester

This class was a series of homework assignments followed by a project.

The first two assignments we introduced the simulation tools we used:

  • HW01 introduced Gazebo. You controlled a robot avoiding simple obstacles and driving to a goal.
  • HW02 introduced Kerbal Space Program. You wrote a script which launched a rocket to orbit.

Then we had two more KSP assignments:

  • In HW03, you landed a rocket on the Mun.
  • In HW04, you explored planning inter-moon transfers.

Then four assignments solving mazes with a wheeled robot in Gazebo.

  • In HW05, we started work on solving mazes.
  • HW06 involved building an occupancy grid map.
  • HW07 did pathfinding on the map
  • HW08 added a camera and required image processign.

Final project:

  • Lots of Gazebo simulations and dead batteries.

Median Grades

  • HW01: 2/2
  • HW02: 2/2
  • HW03: 2/2
  • HW04: 1/2
  • HW05: 2/2
  • HW06: 1/2
  • HW07: 1/2
  • HW08: 1/2

Adding those up, we get 4 missed points, which would mean a student who got the median on every HW would get a B+. We'll see how project grades do, but I intend to issue a higher median grade than B+.

Do your TRACE evals

  • What went well?
  • What went poorly?