Lecture #18: Allocators Part 2

Core Lecture Content

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Secondary Lecture Content

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Allocator Slides

Real World Allocators

  • The allocator that inspired the slides is ptmalloc, or the stock allocator on Linux (provided by GNU libc). It's reasonably fast and very mature, but compared to other modern allocators is optimized more for consistency than speed.
  • The allocator that is considered the fastest today is jemalloc, which was heavily funded by Facebook.
  • The other major allocator worth mentioning is tcmalloc, which was heavily funded by Google.

jemalloc Video

  • Watch: An ACM Presentation on jemalloc
  • Keep in mind that this is a video about further optimizing an already optimized allocator.
  • Keep an eye out for the design elements of jemalloc that the speaker isn't excited about in this talk - some of those (like shared chunk metadata) are the secret sauce that makes jemalloc fast.